• About Us

    Commit to building a transparent and equitable digital ecosystem

    Valarhash is an innovative and ecological platform focused on the blockchain field. The company integrates frontier resources with a global perspective, and uses blockchain technology to link the physical world and the digital world, laying the leading position in the hash power market.


    Based on the world's leading data centers, Valarhash integrates the resource advantages of the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Southeast Asia and other regions, and its business covers hardware R&D, digital asset transactions, hash power contract sharing and other fields, and has
    introduced a data center interaction system based on network thinking, which realized the ecological integration of hash power and the transparency of digital assets.


    As the enabler and promoter of the wisdom era, Valarhash has been committed to building an ecological platform, collaborating innovation with all partners, and building a digital age for everyone.

  • Ecological Map of Valarhash

    9 global data centers

    Distributed in the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Southeast Asia and other places

    Own over 10000PH/s hashrate

    10% of the total hashrate of the entire network

    One-stop Digital Asset transaction

    Free flow of real hash power

    100,000+ new super-computing machines

    Make the digital age promising

  • 9 Global Self-operated Data Centers

    Globally distributed in energy-rich area

  • 2 Self-operated mining pools

    • Over 10,000PH/s hashrate
    • Distributed in 9 countries, better for decentralization


    High-revenue mining pool • hashrate browser



    Altcoins mining pool

  • Our Mission

    Ecological empowerment in blockchain’s underlying data center

    Reduce mining costs through integration of underlying technologies

    Help more people share the benefits of digital economy

    The world's leading digital currency service platform

    Create a trust ecosystem to achieve global miners’ value through re-decentralization of hash power

    Build a trust ecosystem to realize the value of global miners

  • 1TMine Hashrate exchange platform

    • Hash power contract exchange
    • Hash Power Fund Investment 
    • Block Trade
    • Leverage service

  • Contact Us

    Xiangnian Square T3 2002-1, Gaoxin District,

    Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China





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